Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dress up! Bees & Balls!

Sweet Alisha dressed up as a fairy!

Sebastian liked the McDonald's outfit!
Arlene the Asian Princess!

Our Bob The Builders!

Building the Blocks!

Our Gracy Girl!


Mia dressed up in a little of everything!

Andrew the Sheriff-Fireman!

Alyssa the Asian Princess!



Hmmmm.... I am THE coolest Sheriff-Fireman ever :)

CrAzY SoCk Day!!! not everyone participated so we are planning on doing it again soon!!!

Welcome to McDonald's do you  want a coke??! :)

This week We learned the letter "B"


The ball pots grew "B"alls today! The kids were thrilled!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Apples, Outside, & More Apples!

This morning the kids found a Surprise!  Their Magic Letter pots grew "A"pples from the "A" Seed they planted!
It was a gorgeous day to play outside! Natalie loves the See-Saw!
The Boys love to Jump off the play toys!
Peek-a-boo Haylee!
We have been practicing walking in line!
Haylee's "twinkle toes" came untied! Thanks for fixing them Ms Kathryn!
See mommy! I'm a happy girl at school!
We had a super sleepy Andrew today!
Time to Paint Clay Apples!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This week is Aiden's week to bring snack! 

Next week is Alisha's week!

Sport- Cap Water Bottle

Its hot out there folks!!! After we play outside or have Gym time the kids are THIRSTY!!!! Rather than have them wait in line at the drinking fountain and not get properly hydrated, we ask that you bring to school a water bottle with a SPORT CAP that pops open and closed. We ask that your child's name be on the bottle and it can be left at school, on the window sill of our classroom! Please no screw cap bottles! Combine those with tiny hands and you have a huge mess!

Week 2!

We had a great day today!!!! We learned the Letter "A" and the Number 1!  The kids practiced writing their "A" and "1".  We planted our "A" Seed in the magic letter pots and the kids are excited to see what will grow on Thursday!